Sport bets are getting more exciting

Sport bets are getting more exciting

European curling fans would be thrilled to hear that it is now easier than ever to place bet on sport matches from the comfort of your own home. All you need to do to add some spice to your sport hobby is login to a sports-betting website, and choose the winner in a match you find interesting. Then, you will be able to watch the game live through their website and pray that your team will win you some cash.

You can bet on anything online these days, from soccer and basketball – to curling and cricket. The popularity on online betting is constantly on the rise and experts claim this trend will only grow in the next few years.

But how do you choose a reputable sports betting sites to gamble on? We collected 3 advices to help you stay safe while gambling online:

  1. Read online reviews and forums – many bloggers and gamblers post their experience online, it would be a shame to go blindly with a brand you know nothing about, when the internet is full of good advice.
  2. Bonus – sports betting sites will entice you with lucrative jaw-dropping bonuses, but that’s a win-win situation, since the competition is giving you, the gambler, better welcome packages and promotions. William Hill is one reputable operator in this industry which offers 24/7 support, excellent game selection and fast payouts. To get William Hill bonus, all you need to do is login to their website, register and claim your free money! Easy as one, two, three.
  3. Watch for the eCogra seal of approval – is a watch dog organization that advocates responsible gaming and lists gaming sites which are up to their high standards. They audit and publish their reports online, so you can gamble with peach of mind. When you choose a site to play at – never settle for one that doesn’t carry the eCogra seal of approval!

Good luck with your betting adventures and play responsibly!



The Geneva International Airport is connected to major cities in Europe by both companies “Low Cost” by European aircraft lines. Trains run regularly from the Geneva International Airport to Eagle on the main line Railway then a mountain, the NOAC leads travelers Eagle Champéry. The journey takes about 2:40 along Lake Geneva, in one of the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland! link to the national railway network SBB link regional network Aigle-Ollon-Monthey-Champéry AOMC A free shuttle service is organized between Palladium Champery and Monthey rink where play matches in Group B.




Champery, Switzerland – In the Le Gruyère European Curling Championships in Champéry, men of Group A, five teams share the top of the standings with four wins and one defeat – Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Winner of the first hour, Denmark, SKIPE by Rasmus Stjerne, won his fourth straight game Monday morning, beating the Netherlands by 8-2. However, in the next game, reality will catch up. In this game, opened the scoring after scoring 3 points, Germany’s Andy Kapp beat them 8-2 in just six ends put Germany among the five leaders. Earlier, Germany had been beaten 3-7 by Norway. At the fifth session, Norway beat France by 6-2. these three teams are joined by Sweden, defending champion skipée by Niklas Edin, beating Czech Republic 9-6 by then France 6-1 , and by Switzerland Christof Schwaller, who after winning by 8-7 against Russia in the morning, beating Scotland’s Hammy McMillan by 8-6. Earlier in the day, the Scots were beaten by the Czech Republic 7-4 and win the second door to the sixth place. After his defeat against Switzerland in the morning, Russia Andrey Drozdov defeated the Netherlands 7-5 in his first successful week. Ranking with a victory in Russia is joined by the Netherlands and France, the Czech Republic being the only male team without a win. Among women in Group A, three teams lead the standings – Sweden, Russia and Scotland.Sweden, which beat Germany 6-1 in the morning, stumble later against Denmark 5-6. Russia Monday signed two victories – 9-3 over the Netherlands and Germany on 7-5. Scotland beat Latvia 10-2 in just six ends before beating Finland 9-6. Norway beats Latvia 10-1 in their second match in Monday after losing 2-8 against Switzerland by, while later, the Swiss won again, beating the Netherlands by 10-2. These results mean that Norway and Switzerland are tied in fourth position, both with four wins. Denmark, with two wins – it beats Finland 8-6 before defeating Sweden – now finds itself with a total three wins, two defeats while with his Monday defending champion, Germany’s Andrea Schöpp, are left with only two wins. Finland, Latvia and the Netherlands have all conceded two defeats on Monday, this meaning that Finland and Latvia amounted to a victory each and the Netherlands are still waiting for their first success. In Group B, male Latvia and Italy are at the top of their pool and the Czech Republic leads the ranking in the women’s Group B RESULTS GROUP A MEN 4th round: Germany 3, Norway 7 , 6 Sweden, France 1; Scotland 7, Czech Republic 4, Switzerland 8, Russia 7, Netherlands 2, Denmark 8. Round 5: Czech Republic 6, Sweden 9, Denmark 2, Germany 8, Netherlands 5, Russia 7; 6 Norway, France 2, Switzerland 8, Scotland 6. Standings after 5 rounds:Denmark 4-1 Germany 4-1 Norway 4-1 Sweden 4-1 Switzerland 4-1Scotland 2-3 France 1-4 Netherlands 1-4 Russia 1-4 Czech Republic 0-5.LADIES 5th round: Denmark 8, Finland 6, 8 Switzerland, Norway 2, Russia 9, Netherlands 3, Scotland 10, Latvia 2, Sweden 6 Germany 1. 6th rnd: Netherlands 2, Switzerland 10, Denmark 7, 4 Sweden, Finland 6, 9 Scotland, Russia 7, Germany 5, Latvia 1, Norway 10. Standings after 6 rounds: Russia 5-1 Scotland 5-1 Sweden 5-1 Norway 4-2 Switzerland 4-2,Denmark 3-3 Germany 2-4 Finland 1-5 Latvia 1-5 Netherlands 0-6




The Danish and Swedish have arrived in the final of Le Gruyère European Championships Curling in Champéry, Switzerland. Saturday, vying for the gold medal men’s team will meet Denmark and Norway, the women, Sweden will face Scotland.

Playing for the first time at the European Championships, the young Rasmus Stjerne, 22, led his team to the Danish final by beating Switzerland’s Christof Schwaller by 9-7.

Sweden’s Stina Viktorsson also at the European Championships for the first time, beating Russia 7-5 in the semi-finals of the ladies.

Among men, the Danish opened the scoring with one point in the second end. The three points scored in both the fourth and the fifth end, made the difference. Finally, after a fight in the second half of the game by Switzerland Stjerne launches in the first circle on the tenth end, scores a point and ends at the score of 9-7.

It is a happy Stjerne which states: “It is good to reach the final. Nowadays, we played well and we are really happy to have succeeded. It was not necessarily our goal from the beginning but , as and extent of the championship we thought why not try. Both games are proof that we’re doing not too bad curling! “

Welcoming play the final against Norway, he had beaten in the round robin, he adds, “we’ll just play. They are really strong. We’ll see what my team can do – good curler for the score is tight and finally we succeeded. “

Saturday morning, Switzerland now play Germany for the bronze medal.

Sweden scores in the semi-finals with one stone fly in the first end, to which Russia responded by scoring two in the 
second end. The Swedish back tied with a single in the third end and two in the fifth end to 4-3 while 
Russia represents a single in the fourth end.

The advantage comes in the sixth end when Sweden scored two points, while Russia Liudmila Privikova pulls too short in his last shot.

Then make the Swedish take-out after take-out for the Russians finally out of the game

Welcomed a very happy Viktorsson said: “It is fantastic and we are really looking forward to the game tomorrow. We will continue to play 
like we did today and have fun. feels good and I thought that we would win.’s team is playing well and we will do our 
best. ” Before the final, the Russian will face Switzerland for the bronze medal.

Semifinal men: Denmark 9, Switzerland 7. 
Semifinal ladies Sweden 7, Russia 5.

Group A – Standings men after the semi-finals: 
Norway 8-2 (final for gold) 
Denmark 8-3 (Gold / Final) 
Switzerland 7-4 (for bronze) 
Germany 7-3 (bronze) 
5. Scotland 5-4 
6. Sweden 5-4 
7. Czech Republic 4-6 
8. France 3-7 (playing for the World Challenge) 
9. Russia 1-8 
10. Netherlands 1-8

Group A – Standings after the ladies semi-finals: 
Scotland 9-1 (for gold / final) 
Sweden 8-3 (gold / final) 
Russia 7-4 (for bronze) 
Switzerland 7-3 (bronze) 
5. Denmark 5-4 
6. Norway 5-4 
7. Germany 4-5 
8. Latvia 2-7 (play the World Challenge) 
9. Finland 1-8 
10. Netherlands 0-9.

In Group B, Italy exits the top in the men going to beat France 11-5 in the first game of the “best of three” for a place at the World Championships in 2011 men. The women in Group B, the Czech Republic beats Latvia 7-4 in the first game of the World Challenge.



mediaIf you want to represent your media in the next Le Gruyère European Curling Championship in Champéry (December 3 to 11), please fill out the “Media Accreditation” in link below and send it to  callcenter @



6th DAY – SUMMARY GRADING & Champéry, Switzerland – By winning the square 1v2 matches playoffs Thursday night, Eve Muirhead of Scotland and Norway Ulsrud Thomas were both obtained tickets for the final Le Gruyère European Championships Curling in Champéry, Switzerland.Ladies Scottish face Russian Liudmila Privivkova have completed their ninth end dramatically. About to start his last stone, Eve Muirhead seemed to be resigned to a second stone fly away and three opponents in the house.Not only it is able to remove the three Russian stones but also for the good mouth, a fourth, while leaving his own, winning four points for Scotland.The Russians stunned, could only concede victory to Scotland on the score of 9-4 The Scottish now final, the Russian will play the semifinals Friday against Sweden Stina Viktorsson Mirjam Ott victorious by 5 – 4 in square 3V4 these championships. The Swiss will return to the ice Saturday morning for the match involving the bronze medal. Following his magnificent winning shot, a Eve Muirhead said to the angels, “we deserved to win this game. before we were most of the time with our two stone points and then forced our opponents returned in force in ends eight and nine. Finishing as we did, it’s fantastic! ” Speaking of the pressure exerted by the Russian team in the second half of the game, She adds, “I will not lie, they really made ​​the forcing and we made ​​some mistakes, but that last shot in the ninth end, that was broken or it passes. triple This was expected, but I don ‘ have not seen come the quad. Complete with four points and kill the game, it was great. ” In men, the victory of Norway Thomas Ulsrud on Switzerland Christof Schwaller was less spectacular.Filling delay 1-2 midterm to score in three successive weekends and take the lead, Norway managed to finalize its success 5-4 with a single point in the tenth end and thus qualify for the final. Following the match , Ulsrud said, “This is the fourth time that we find ourselves in a match of the Page 1-2 and it’s really good to be arrived in the final. I think our guys have a real purpose. n We ‘ve never won anything, we have many medals, silver or bronze, but gold still missing and Saturday, we’ll take our chances. ” The Swiss will now face Denmark’s Rasmus Stjerne in the semi- finals on Friday, after the victory over Germany Denmark Andi Kapp by 10-5 in the Page 3-4 playoff. Earlier, Denmark beat Switzerland 12-5 to finish the round robin in fourth place. Although Scotland’s Hammy McMillan beat defending champion Sweden’s Niklas Edin 7-5 in an extra end of their ninth game of the round robin, neither managed to reach the playoffs. Czech Republic and France to end gender to seventh place in the round robin play and the playoffs Thursday night. In their match, the Czech Republic Jiri Snitil beats France 8-3 Thomas Dufour, putting France in eighth position and a challenge at the best of the three potential winners by Group B for the last free place in the line-up Word of the Ford Championship this season. RESULTS GROUP – MEN 9th round: 5 Netherlands, Germany 8, Scotland 7, Sweden 5 (extra end) Czech Republic 8, France 3, Denmark 12, Switzerland 5, 7 Russia, Norway 8 . homes rank after 9 rounds:Switzerland 7 victories, defeats 2; Norway 7-2 Germany 7-2 Denmark 6-35. Scotland 5-4 6. Sweden 5-4 7. Czech Republic 3-6 7. France 3-6 9.Russia 1-8 10. Netherlands 1-8 in the playoffs men square 1-2: 4 Switzerland, Norway 5 (Final Norway, Switzerland in the semifinals), 3-4 playoffs square men: Germany 5, 10 Denmark (Denmark reaches half final, Germany in the playoff for the bronze medal) for the tie-break in seventh place: France 3, Czech Republic 8 (seventh Czech Republic, France to play for the challenge for the world championships ). ranking men after the playoffs: Norway 8-2 (qualified for final) Switzerland 7-3 (played in the semifinals) Denmark 7-3 (played in the semifinals) Germany 7-3 (medal game bronze) 5. Scotland 5-4 6. Sweden 5-4 7. Czech Republic 4-6 8.France 3-7 (playing for the World Challenge) 9. Russia 1-8 10. Netherlands 1-8 GROUP RESULTS – WOMEN Square 1-2 playoffs: Russia 4, 9 Scotland (Scotland finals, Russia semi-final), 3-4 playoff square Sweden 5, Switzerland 3 (the Sweden in the semifinals, Switzerland in the playoff for the bronze medal) rank ladies after the playoffs Scotland 9-1 (qualified for final) Russia 7-3 (plays the semifinals) Sweden 7-3 (plays the semi-finals)Switzerland 7-3 (for bronze) 5. Denmark 5-4 6. Norway 5-4 7. Germany 4-5 8. Latvia 2-7 (plays World Challenge) 9. Finland 1-8 10. Netherlands 0-9.In Group B, the men’s team of Latvia plays the final Friday night. Ireland and Italy will play in the semifinals Friday morning and Slovakia vying for the bronze medal on Saturday morning. Among women in Group B, the Czech Republic can be found in the final. Hungary and Italy will semi-finals and Austria plays for the bronze medal on Saturday.



Daily Tickets
As from November 1st 2010, we encourage all those wishing to go see the ECC 2010 matches to buy their day tickets at one of the following ticket offices:

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Ticket Prices:

CHF 20.- Saturday 4 December
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CHF 10.-/day  From Monday 6 to Wednesday 8 December
Thursday 9 December, ticket sold at Palladium only
CHF 30.-  Friday 10 December, semi-finals
CHF 40.-  Saturday 11 December, finals

From Monday to Thursday, children to 12 years old have free access if accompanied by a paying adult. All favours suspended for semi-finals and finals.

We remind you that the seats are not numbered.

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Champery, Switzerland – For the ladies, Scotland, Russia, Switzerland and Sweden have reached the stage of the playoffs Le Gruyère European Curling Championships.

On this day Wednesday, Eve Muirhead of Scotland qualified in first place in the round robin with two wins in six ends. During the morning session, the Scottish fighting Russia Liudmila Privivkova by 9-1, before beating the Netherlands by 8-3.

Thursday night, the Scottish play against Russia in the play-offs of the first square 1v2 after the Russian beat Norway have returned to Linn Githmark 7-5. At the same time, with the score of three on the tenth end, Mirjam Ott of Switzerland beat Sweden Stina Viktorsson by 8-6 to finish his round robin program with the same score to Russia, seven wins and two defeats. However, as Russia beat Switzerland in their match at the summit earlier in the day, Switzerland will again face Sweden in the second square 3V4 play-offs.

After a 8-5 victory against the Netherlands in the morning, Lene Nielsen of Denmark beats Latvia 4-3 Evita Regza, sharing the closure of five wins and four losses with Norway. Then she beat Latvia 7-5 in the morning, the defending champion, Germany’s Andrea Schöpp, beats Finland 8-7 in the evening match, finishing seventh overall with four wins.

In eighth place with three wins, Latvia will match up against the ladies team winning the Group B for a place at the Capital One World Championship in Denmark. Placed ninth, Finland joins Netherlands, tenth in the standings in Group B for relegation next year.

Men of Group A, the issue remains. Switzerland’s Christof Schwaller beats Andy Kapp of Germany by 6-4 in the eighth round of the round robin. This result means that Switzerland is found in the top spot, no matter what may happen during the final round of the round robin Thursday morning.

Other competitors play-offs are Germany and Norway Thomas Ulsrud beating the Netherlands 8-2 in just six ends, thanks largely to a score of four in the fourth end.

Three other teams – Denmark, Sweden and Scotland – still have a chance to get into the final four, with the results at the end of the round robin to decide or, where appropriate, participation in tie-breaks . So if Switzerland beat Denmark and Scotland beat Sweden, these trios teams will compete in the tie-breaks.

This situation stems from the fact that Scotland’s Hammy McMillan lost 4-5 against France Thomas Dufour and Sweden, the defending champion, and Niklas Edin beat Denmark’s Rasmus Stjerene by 7-4.

Meanwhile, in his second win of the week, Jiri Snitil Czech Republic beats Russia 5-4. With three victories, the French find themselves rank higher in ranking as Czechs located in eighth place, while the Netherlands and Russia remain with one win each.

In the women’s Group B encounter Czech Republic Hungary in the first square of the playoffs 1v2 Austria and Italy plays in the game scheduled for Thursday night 3V4. Males, Latvia plays Italy in the first square 1v2 and Ireland meet Slovakia in the match 3V4.




8th round: France 5, Scotland 4 (extra end), Netherlands 2, Norway 8, Switzerland 6, Germany 4; Russia 4 Czech Republic 5 (extra end) 4 Denmark, Sweden 7.

Standings after 8 rounds:

Switzerland 7-1 (qualified for the playoffs) Germany 6-2 Norway 6-2 Denmark 5-3 Sweden 5-3 Scotland 4-4 France 3-5 Czech Republic 2-6 Netherlands 1-7 Russia 1-7



8th round: Latvia 5, 7 Germany, Russia 1 Scotland 9; Sweden 10, Norway 6, Netherlands 5, 8 Denmark, Switzerland 8, Finland 5.

9th round: 7 Russia, Norway 5, 8 Germany, Finland 7, Denmark 4, Latvia 3, Switzerland 8, 6 Sweden, Netherlands 3, Scotland 8.


Standings after 9 rounds:

Scotland 8-1 (qualified for the playoffs) Russia 7-2 (qualified for the playoffs) Switzerland 7-2 (qualified for the playoffs) Sweden 6-3 (qualified for the playoffs) 5. Denmark 5-4 6. Norway 5-4 7. Germany 4-5 8. Latvia 2-7 9. Finland 1-8 10. Netherlands 0-9.

Ladies Playoffs – Thursday, December 9 – 20:00 CET:

1 v 2 – Scotland v Russia (winner in the final, losing in the semifinals);

3 v 4 – Switzerland v Sweden (winner in the semi-finals, losing in playoff for the bronze medal)